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Quartz Tree Of Life Necklace

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We Are All Connected
The Tree Of Life represents a connection to all things. Designed to entwine the sacred significance of the Tree Of Life with the healing qualities of Quartz stone, this Rainbow Aura Quartz Healing Necklace will be a powerful addition to your collection of jewels and gems.
This special charm carries in it the essence of the ever-evolving flow of life.
Manifest Your Visions
Quartz is one of the most potent gems for helping us to manifest our dreams into being. You can charge your Rainbow Quartz pendant with your personal intentions by holding it in the palm of your hand while you visualize what you want to bring into your life. Adorn your neck with this eye-catching piece to attract positive energy and purposeful intent into your life.
Walk Your Path With Faith
The Tree of Life inspires fresh hope and fuels our strength to walk our path with complete faith. Wearing this powerful symbol represents your acknowledgement of the interconnectedness of life and your readiness for growth, just as the tree’s branches grow up towards the stars. 
Cleanse your stone regularly by leaving it out in the light of the full moon or by charging it in incense smoke.
Quartz Tree Of Life Necklace

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